Production Manager

Lighting Designer

Lighting Supervisor/Assistant Technical Director, McGlothlin Center for the Arts; Emory, VA – Janurary 2016 – Present

Resident Lighting Designer, Master Electrician, Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre;

          Mars Hill, NC – May 2015 – August 2015, May 2016 – Present

•Supervise and schedule student crews

•Oversee hang and cabling of main stage productions

•Order supplies, expendables, and equipment

•Train light board operators

•Standardized safety and work call practices

•Serve as TA for lighting courses and lectures - teach labs

•Oversee and assist with scenic construction as necessary

•Maintained a working knowledge of three theatre spaces

•Prepared supply, expendables, and equipment orders

•Performed routine show and equipment maintenance

•Maintained appropriate show paperwork and design integrity

•Assisted with work calls and plot changeovers

•Served as primary light board operator for assigned shows

•Attended training sessions with Master Electrician

•Maintained show design integrity

•Designed and adapted plots for touring season

•Oversaw safe load-in and out of touring electrical equipment

•Trained spotlight operators

•Performed on-site evaluation of venues

•Consulted local area schools on lighting needs and practices

• Oversee all aspects of Center lighting

• Run crews, focus, and all electrics work calls

• Design and implement rep plots and documentation

• Serve as liaison between external groups and Technical Director

• Serve as on-site supervisor/Assistant Technical Director for road shows and rentals

• Oversee implementation of new building theatrical electrical and control systems

•Established safety and lockout/tagout procedures

•Oversee day-to-day maintenance of facility architectural lighting

•Train student workers on building audio and electrical equipment

•Operate and oversee sound/audio/projection needs as necessary

•Serve as console programmer for external events

•Responsible for upkeep of electrics room

•Responsible for supervision, setup, and upkeep of three departmental spaces

•Develop and oversee production electrics budgets

•Build and install practicals and specials

•Design and produce rep plots and related documentation

•Design and supervise sound as assigned by department head

•Maintained a working knowledge of electrical and scenic rep of over a dozen shows in two spaces

•Programmed ETC Ion and Element consoles

•Performed routine show and shop maintenance

•Designed children's shows as assigned

•Assisted in supervision of work calls and tracking of electrics crew hours

•Programmed ETC Eos and Ion consoles

•Worked with interns to teach basic wiring, board programming, and basic electrical practices

•Served as primary board operator for one theatre space

•Assisted in overseeing production audio needs

•Performed scenic carpentry work as needed

•Served as audio engineer for cabaret performances

•Performed routine electrical maintenance

•Built and designed production electrical signage

Internship with Barter Theatre of Virginia: Electrics and Lighting Design – February 2013 – August 2013

Assistant Master Electrician, Heritage Theatre Festival; Charlottesville, VA – May 2014 – August 2014

Master Electrician, Department of Theatre; Emory & Henry College – August 2013 – Present